Travelling to Cebu

Unwinding through wandering

“Why should we wander?” this is what comes as a first thought for some, if not most, every time they travel. Through travelling we find reasons why we should wander. Having a vacation can help us unwind – it relaxes us from the things that are stressing us out. It’s an escape that lets us explore the world and see its natural beauty. In fact, having a vacation can boost our happiness and energy.

There are a lot of places we can go for a holiday but just like what they always say, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. And it is! A lot of tourists typically sojourn in this beautiful country because of its incredibly stunning view of nature and resources that it luckily has. We can do a lot of activities and see more beauty than we have ever seen before, and one of most eye-opening place is in Cebu, The Queen City of the South.

A visit to Cebu is a must because of its wonderful destinations. Oslob is place where you can swim with the gentle giants called whale sharks (Butanding). Or let the heat of the sun kiss you and have a glowing tanned skin in Sumilon Island and enjoy the vivid blue sea.

In Mactan Island be amazed with underwater discoveries at all of the fabulous diving spots: Nalusuan Island, Gilutongan Island, Talima Marine sanctuary at Olango Island, San Vicente, Tambuli aeroplane and Marigondon Cave in Mactan. At all of these sites there are so many colorful corals and so many species of multi-colored fishes.

Another diving spot is in Moalboal – in this clean and deep water, you can have a look at more sea creatures. The Sardine shoal here and Pescador Island are the two most popular dive sites.

Aswell as diving and snorkelling the South part of Cebu is a Waterfalls paradise. There are more than twenty waterfalls worth visiting. The most visited are Kawasan and Aguinid Falls and for the adventurous travellers there are canyoneering trips available.

So what are you waiting for? Book that flight and pack your bags now!