Sea Sponges of Mactan

Sea Sponges of Mactan Cebu

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The ocean, or what’s underneath it, isn’t exactly what a typical human being is familiar with in their everyday life. So we at SiDive want to introduce to you some of the unusual creatures that you can discover underwater.

Sea Sponges are members of Porifera also called as “pore bearer” as it has a lot of tiny but vivid opening on its skin. It is not comparable to other creatures under the sea. It’s a multi-cellular living organism. Sea Sponges grow in many unique shapes, colors and sizes. where they live depends on the current or the water flow and from where they can get nutrients. It is covered with a shell like, hard surface but it has a soft structure in the inside.

Sea Sponges can survive in different climates. They can even be found in the deepest part of the sea where the light is dim or where there is no light at all. This creature is created through “budding” where plants and fungi collide. Sponges can live more or less 20 years and they have the ability to produce more sponges and widen their kind.

Some fishermen harvest sea sponges for a living and some harvest them to do research and examine them. However, there are still a lot of sponges that have not been discovered by science. So what are you waiting for? Go for a dive and discover more sea sponges and other interesting creatures under the sea because there is so much to discover in the amazing aquatic realm.

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