Night dives are fabulous on the housereef at Kontiki Marina. Under the moonlight you enter the water from the shore.

The Lights from the surrounding resorts help to illuminate the water as you wade in before descending using your flashlights.

At Night the housereef is teeming with life that you will never see during the day- Crabs, Shrimps, Shellfish of all shapes and sizes aswell as Octopus can be seen on the Reef. Squid can be seen in the Open water.

Night dives on our Housereef are always a memorable event and you are sure to have an audience from the restaurant on the seafront when you enter the water and when you get out. After the dive what better way to decompress than by enjoyng an after dive drink or meal in the Restaurant on the seafront.

One Night dive including equipment, flashlight, tank and guide costs php1500 or php1300 each if there is more than one participant.