There is a lot to see at the various divesites in Mactan: Turtles and the mighty shoal of Sardines at Kontiki Marina, the huge Jack Fish at Gilutongan Island, shoals of Batfish and Snapper at the sanctuaries of Olango Island and Gilutongan Island, beautiful coral gardens and Blue Spotted Sting-Rays at Nalusuan island are only a few of the highlights.

The dive sites in Mactan are suitable for beginners and advanced divers. When boat diving its possible to enjoy Drift diving along the coast of Olango Island. Sometimes when crossing from Mactan island to Olango Island or to Gilutongan Island we see Dolphins.

We normally meet at 8:30 AM at the diveshop and get back at around 4PM. 

Sometimes we start earlier at 7:30 AM and get back at 3:30 PM

The boat ride from our diveshop in Kontiki to the marine sanctuaries of Olango Island takes about 15 minutes. To Gilutongan Island the boat ride takes about 35 minutes. To Nalusuan Island it takes about 45 minutes.

Typical price for a 3 dive day Safari to Olango Island or to Gilutongan Island is Php4900 per person (requires a minimum of 4 participants) including equipment and tanks and guide. A 2 dive day safari is around php3950 including Marine Park fees and equipment. ( also requires a minimum 4 participants). If you are only one person or  there are only two participants we will try our best to find more divers to make the trip feasible for you.*

Very often we receive an enquiry from a single diver or from a couple who want to do boat diving. On these occasions we try our best to find a few more divers to share the boat cost to make the minimum number of 4 or 5 divers for a boat trip.

Sanctuary fees are included in the price :  Tambuli ,Agus and Hadsan  there is no fee; php100 at Talima, Baring and San Vicente ;  and php300 at the Shangri-La, Gilutongan island and at Nalusuan island.

Dive sites include: Talima, Baring and San Vicente Marine sanctuaries on Olango Island,  Tambuli, Kontiki, Agus, Hadsan, Costabella, Gilutongan Island and Nalusuan Islands.

Private boat dive trips can also be arranged-please contact us for a quote.

BBQ is available on the boat ( requires a minimum of 3 people)

The price of our BBQ is between php350-500 depending which cook we use on the day. 

To book your diving or to make further enquiries please either fill in the form on the website or contact us via whatsapp on +447863466103

If there are 5 divers on the boat the price for a 3 dive boat safari is Php 4800-4900

Php5050-5150 if 4 divers on the boat

Php5500-5600 if 3 divers on the boat

Php6400-6500 each if only 2 are on the boat.

Above prices include equipment, 3 dives, marine park fees.

BBQ is additional Php350-500 depending which day it is and which chef we use.