Typical price for a 3 dive day Safari in the Mactan area is Php3800 (requires a minimum of 3 participants) including equipment and tanks and guide. A 2 dive day safari is php3250 plus sanctuary fees. ( also requires a minimum 3 participants). If there are only two participants please add php600 each to the above prices.

Sanctuary fees are extra.

Sanctuary fees at the different divesites are; free at Tambuli ,Agus and Hadsan ; php100 at Talima, Baring and San Vicente ; php200 at Nalusuan Island ; and php300 at the Shangri-La and at Gilutongan island.

Dive sites include: Talima sanctuary, Tambuli, Kontiki, Agus, Hadsan, Costabella, Gilutongan Island and Nalusuan Islands.

For a private trip (minimum 2 persons) please add php600 each to the above price.