More about Canyoneering
This activity is for ages 10years old and above. No swimming skills are required, but you should be sure footed since you will walk in a riverbed. There will be floating parts, jumping, and sliding for around 3 to 4hours at a slow pace, with plenty of rests and snacks in the middle of the jungle.

Cost Php 2500 per person including small BBQ

NOTE: The Canyoning activity have already implemented their new ordinance from the local government of Alegria effective February 13, 2016 it is called ECO CANYONEERING in exchange to the old Mass Canyoneering. The local government’s purpose is in order to preserve the canyon and to limit the number of people that’s why only accredited tour operators with high quality standard safety gears and guides with proper training can accommodate ECO CANYONEERING activities.