Things you need to know before you dive

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1. Rules about flying after diving

Before you book your dive course take into consideration the no-fly rules after diving.

If you have dived once only you need to wait 12 hours before flying.

If you have dived twice in the day you need to wait 18 hours before flying and if you have dived three times in the day or you have been diving on many consecutive days or you have done decompression diving you need to wait 24 hours before flying.

Usually when participants book an Open water diver or advanced Open water diver course they make sure their flights are not until at the earliest 9AM the following day to give an allowance of at least 18 hours before flying.

2. Medical questionnaire

At the start of the dive course your instructor will hand you a Medical questionnaire. There are many questions and you are asked to answer YES or NO. If you answer YES to any of the questions you are then advised to get a Medical clearance to dive from a Doctor. Before the course starts please tell us if you have any medical issues such as Asthma or Ear problems or a history of problems with the ears or anything else. If the issue in question is on the list on the medical questionnaire we will advise you to see a Doctor first.

3. It is not OK to pee in a wetsuit unless its your own wetsuit.

The Wetsuits in our School are all rinsed meticulously and we remind everyone never to pee in them. Peeing in a wetsuit that someone else will be wearing the following day is not cool. Please don’t do it. There is a php500 fine for anyone we catch. So be warned!

4. It is not necessary to be able to swim to take the Open Water diver course. As long as you can swim with a mask, snorkel, fins and ,if necessary a wetsuit, for 300 yards and float for 10 minutes in the sea you can pass the swimming requirement for the course.

5. When you arrive in the morning please have your swimwear on already and bring a towel and a dry set of clothes you can wear for the journey home.

6. Cancellation Policy: For fun diving deposits will be refunded as long as cancellation is made more than 4 days from the start of your dive course or fun diving or tour. Cancellations made within 4 days of the start of the course forfeit the deposit. However, for dive courses once the online theory has been sent, the deposit is non- refundable.

7. You must complete the theory before you start the Open Water diver course. Please complete the learning before you come. We are not allowed to take you in the water unless you have completed most of the theory.

8. To get to our diveshop from the Airport you can book a GRAB taxi online using the FREE Airport wifi while waiting for your bags. Alternatively you can take an airport taxi just outside. Make sure the driver turns the meter on. The fare to my diveshop should be around php250-300 only. It should take 25 minutes from the airport to my diveshop.

Cancellation policy: Once you have paid the 80 British Pounds deposit for the elearning and to book the course this is not refundable once the elearning has been bought for you and assigned to you. We need to use your 80 pounds deposit to buy the e-learning and it is not refundable. For this reason we are unable to refund your deposit if you cancel for any reason.

7. GoPros are only waterproof to a few metres unless they have an Underwater Housing.

We are not responsible if your GoPro floods during a dive. It is your own responsibility to know how deep you can take your own GoPro.

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